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About Us

We are on a Mission!

Relevant Information LLC is a reference publishing company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan with a mission to make factual data about the world accessible to everyone.


Real world data is everywhere and nowhere - governments, agencies, NGOs and charities around the world produce and publish millions of rows of data on various subjects from wealth and poverty, trade and production, population dynamics, energy, use of resources, economics, migration and more. This data can provide amazing insights into the world we live in and the future we are making for our children. But the data is messy, unformatted, badly presented or difficult to interpret - Relevant Information's job is to collect and curate that data into forms that students and researchers can use to enrich their studies. We use technology and research teams to track and collate data from thousands of sources, we carefully sift and analyze and then organize that data into a form that students and researchers can use. This democratization of real world data presents our students and researchers with new insights and helps educate and inform our students about the world, about how to use data and about how to find new insights in that data.

That's our Mission.. and we hope you will join us!

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