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Global Directory of Nature Reserves

Global Directory of Nature Reserves



8½ x 11

884 Pages

May 2023


The 1st edition of the Global Directory of Nature Reserves is a one-of-a-kind directory that provides a comprehensive listing of all the nature reserves across the globe, categorized by type—wildlife refuge, wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserve, nature preserve, or nature conservation area, etc.—and provides details such as land area, the make-up of the reserve, with descriptions of its uniqueness (e.g. The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, USA is home to the biggest population of Grévy’s zebras, which is 380 individuals out of the 3,000 globally.). Each listed entry is also linked to key details such as UN Protected sites, world heritage sites, IUCN green list, list of environmental agencies involved in this effort, and more.

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